Visitors at van den Berg

Tatkräftige Unterstützung bei der jährlichen Apfelernte

This year we received active support for the annual apple harvest on our own orchard.

16 diligent helpers of the women’s group ‘”Neuland, Neustart-Frauen finden Ihr Platz” of the Bürgerstiftung Lebensraum Aachen visited us.

The aim of the foundation is to improve the integration of women with a refugee background. The group is always happy to go on excursions together and obviously had fun harvesting apples. On 15.9.2019 the group Herzogenrath of the project Neuland-Neustart received the integration award of the city of Herzogenrath.

We would like to support the project by donating one euro to the civic foundation for every litre of apple juice extracted from the harvested apples.

Our orchard is an important habitat for a large number of partially endangered animal and plant species. It does not require synthetic pesticides or mineral nitrogen fertilizers and has a positive effect on the local climate. In addition to various apple varieties, it offers a home for many insect species, chickens, horses and beehives from which honey is extracted.

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One-year extension to T2-T2S consolidation project timeline

It is decided: the go-live date of the T2/T2S consolidation is postponed to November 2022.


COVID-19-Operation running! But: Short conversations in the stairwell, the gossip in the corridor and the small talk in the morning over a coffee are missing!Nothing has kept us busy for weeks more than the topic "COVID-19". Internal and external processes have to be rethought and lived. Nevertheless, we can proudly say that we are very well prepared for the crisis, because decentralized working is not a mysterious word for us...
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van den Berg-Foren 2020

Every year in spring our van den Berg Forums take place in various cities. This year we were on tour in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

Focus-Session ECB “T2/T2S-Konsolidierung”

Christoph Stawinoga, Key Account Manger at van den Berg, reports about the Focus Session of the European Central Bank on T2/T2S consolidation.


This week the 22nd EURO FINANCE WEEK 2019 takes place in Frankfurt. At the Payments Conference we talked to many other experts about the future design of payment transactions.

Night of the Companies 2019

MOVE YOUR FUTURE! We participated in the Night of Companies 2019 in Aachen and had interesting conversations with students, graduates and trainees.

van den Berg connects customers in Germany parallel to both Instant Payments Clearing infrastructures

After TeamBank AG had already been successfully connected to TIPS (Target Instant Payment Settlement)
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Changes in the Supervisory Board

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Matthias Terlau as a new member of the Supervisory Board since 26 June 2019. There is another change: Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Penzel is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board since 26.06.2019.
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Visitors at van den Berg

This year we received active support for the annual apple harvest on our own orchard. 16 diligent helpers of the women's group '"Neuland, Neustart-Frauen finden Ihr Platz" of the Bürgerstiftung Lebensraum Aachen visited us.
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