ECB Focus Session on "T2/T2S Consolidation"


On 23.01.2020 we were at the Focus Session of the European Central Bank, where everything focused on the topic “T2/T2S consolidation”. In the advance we also applied for an exhibition place and were thus represented with a stand next to many other well-known expert houses.

In addition to numerous presentations, we were able to exchange information directly with the participants and other exhibitors. It was noticeable that the tension and time pressure has increased at some institutes and that in many places people are desperately looking for support. The conversations with participants also showed that the community has now gone much deeper into the subject matter than just a few months ago, when many conversations were still “only so roughly” focused on the main points.

One of my highlights was the presentation of the two NSP’s SIA and SWIFT, who presented the key aspects of their solution one after the other in a few minutes. The need for a short and brief presentation and the resulting focus made it clear that this was by no means “two identical” solutions. Many institutes are not sure yet which NSP they should choose and are under pressure to make a final decision by mid-2020. After all, the connectivity tests will start in the foreseeable future. The presentation during the ECB Focus Session and the subsequent round of questions were therefore very helpful.

For me and my colleagues it is an exciting and responsible task to support our customers in this process and we are very happy to contribute to the successful consolidation of our customers in the course of further discussions and events! We will be happy to answer your questions at any time in order to help your institute advance in the project.

All presentations of the event can be downloaded here.


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Christoph Stawinoga

Christoph Stawinoga

Team Leader Consulting

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Focus-Session ECB “T2/T2S-Konsolidierung”

Christoph Stawinoga, Key Account Manger at van den Berg, reports about the Focus Session of the European Central Bank on T2/T2S consolidation.


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