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We provide you with technical and professional consulting on payment transaction topics

Since 1986, van den Berg represents innovative solutions in payment transactions. Over the years, the company has constantly used changes in payment processing as an opportunity and offers its customers state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. After the great success of hardware-based products such as “vdb/DTA” in the past, van den Berg is now known as a modern provider of payment solutions. The certified payment platform enables instant payments to be processed within seconds.

The solutions offer functionalities for processing domestic and cross-border payments, including support for SEPA, TARGET2, instant payments and FIN-MTs in various currencies. Clearing and settlement platforms such as SCL, TARGET2, TIPS, Equens and EBA CLEARING are supported. Part of this payment solution is also the connection via SWIFT and EBICS. Customers can run the solution in-house or outsource the technical operation to van den Berg’s Service Bureau. The van den Berg Group meets strict regulatory requirements in this area (IDW PS 951 Type2 and SWIFT SIP, ISO 27001).


With our specialized expertise, we support you with focused and efficient consulting. Our experts will support you with in-depth technical knowledge.

The technical implementation is provided by experienced IT consultants.

We support you with focused and efficient consulting. Our consultants are available to assist you with in-depth specialist and versatile knowledge.

Consultancy core-areas:

  • Payment transactions & core banking systems
  • Individual advice on payment transaction applications or SWIFT connectivity
  • Clearing
  • Instant payments
  • TARGET services
  • ISO20022 or XML.
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Christoph Thumm

Christoph Thumm

Head of Consulting


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