Payments-as-a-Service (Paas)

Payment transactions as a service: We take care of it for you!


Outsourcing enables focus on the core business

Driven by increased regulatory requirements, 24/7 availability and digitalisation, banks increasingly want to focus on their core business and outsource their payment transactions. For over 15 years, Foconis Payment GmbH has been offering Payments-as-a-Service solutions that move with the times and offer banks clear advantages. More and more banks are placing their payment transactions in our hands with confidence. Our more than 60 customers particularly appreciate our high-availability operations and our fulfilment of all compliance requirements with seamless certifications.


High-performance infrastructure and smooth functionality

In times of instant payments, all systems and infrastructures must be available smoothly and around the clock. With the PPM payment transaction solution and a highly available data centre, Foconis offers the necessary flexibility to guarantee 24/7 operation.
With almost 40 years of overall experience in payment transactions, including over 15 years in PaaS, we have already gained valuable experience in the field of Payments-as-a-Service and have successfully connected more than 60 customers with this expertise.

Our services

Full service with many years of experience

We can offer a combination of SaaS and on-premise (hybrid model). This means that only parts of the process chain can be outsourced to Foconis, while others are provided in the bank’s own IT infrastructure. In addition, the distribution can also be adapted in the next phases of collaboration without the need for extensive migration projects.

The applications are installed, configured and monitored by Foconis Payment employees. The release test during the initial installation and updates is carried out together with the customer in accordance with BAIT specifications.

The service office is IDW 951 Type 2 and ISO27001 certified. The SWIFT infrastructure is SIP-compliant.

Your advantages

Noticeable relief and less regulation

  • Relief: Instant payments increase the pressure on system landscapes as they are available around the clock.
  • Support staff must therefore be available 24/7; we take the pressure off your personnel resources.
  • Cost benefits: Outsourcing generally requires less investment in your own IT infrastructure.
  • Regulatory requirements: Regulatory requirements are becoming ever stricter and more demanding. We have been fulfilling the most important certifications for many decades and thus cushion your regulatory pressure.

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