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Instant Payments Gateway (IPG)


What are instant payments?

Instant payment is a payment method in which funds are credited to the recipient within a few seconds. Instant payments are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The funds are credited in a maximum of 10 seconds. In practice, however, many of these transactions are carried out in less than 3 seconds. Since the EU’s decision to make real-time payments mandatory, this payment method has become the new normal.


Instant Payments Gateway (IPG) by Foconis

Instant Payments Gateway (IPG) by Foconis has a lot to offer and is therefore an important infrastructure component for high-performance payment solutions in the digital world.

  • IPG is the interface to the Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM)
  • Secure connection to Target Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS)
  • EBA Clearing (RT1)
  • Connection of IPG via the Network Service Provider (NSP) SWIFT and the Alliance Gateway Instant (AGI) technically with RT1 and TIPS
  • Alternatively, the RT1 connection can also be established via EBICS. (The required EBICS infrastructure can be provided by Foconis


Strong arguments in favour of an IP project with Foconis

  • Simple contractual arrangement by us as Instructing Party for TIPS
  • BIC of Focnis Payment GmbH is authorised by the EZB as Instructing Party for TIPS (= TIPS participation is therefore guaranteed independently of your current SWIFT infrastructure and onboarding is also considerably shortened)
  • EBA Clearing Service Provider
  • 365/24/7 availability and support
  • Optimised processes through certified SWIFT Service Bureau
  • In-House instant payments software
  • Modular structure of the standard software
  • Numerous additional features, such as emergency authorisation or embargo checks


Are your core banking systems real-time capable?

One of the biggest challenges in processing real-time payments is that the core banking systems are not designed for real-time capable payment transactions. Foconis Payment offers various connection options, which are analysed in a Quick Assessment and further aspects of implementation (including scheduling and budgeting) are developed as the basis of a feasibility study.

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Key Account Manager


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Instant Payments Gateway

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