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For the EBICS communication between customer and bank, a tailor-made solution is available to institutes that want to offer their customers an EBICS solution without having to operate the complete infrastructure. The scope of services ranges from mere hosting of the application to the full scope of services around the EBICS access channel. Each customer can be provided with a tailor-made offer.

van den Berg has many years of experience in the operation of payment transaction applications and bank connectivity. The data center operation fulfils the highest security and regulatory requirements, not least due to the operation of the in-house SWIFT Service Bureau.

Connectivity to the Bundesbank and communication to RT1

For decades, our customers have relied on our proprietary and highly secure EBICS solution, which is used for connectivity to the Bundesbank and communication with RT1.

Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) has developed in the last years to the common procedure for the connection of the payment transactions of corporate customers. In Germany, France and Switzerland EBICS is the official standard, in many other countries EBICS is offered by the banks. The investment in an own EBICS infrastructure and its maintenance is only worthwhile from a certain number of corporate customers or a certain volume, handled via this channel. With EBICS as a service, the scope of services of a bank can also be cost-effectively extended for a few EBICS corporate customers. Here there is an increasing demand for BPO solutions (Business Process Outsourcing) in the EBICS environment.

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Matthias Wlodarczyk

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