Highly available, safe replacement

Through SWIFT connectivity, we enable our customers to exchange financial messages with high availability and security. It also serves as a settlement platform for instant payments, enables connection to clearing houses and TARGET 2.

Current security standards and regulatory requirements such as the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) are always met.

Customers can operate the solution in-house or outsource technical operations to van den Berg’s Service Bureau. The van den Berg Group fulfils strict regulatory requirements in this area (IDW PS 951 Type2 and SWIFT SIPv3; 2019 SWIFT SIPv4, ISO 27001).

Service Bureau

Own infrastructure for all-round service

Since its foundation in 2007, the van den Berg Service Bureau has established itself as one of the most successful competence partners and service providers on the German banking market. The van den Berg Service Bureau is an important cross-connector for companies and banks in payment transactions.

The Service Bureau guarantees a secure connection via the EBICS standard and SWIFT communication network:

  • German Central Bank
  • EBA clearing
  • Other German and European clearing houses.

The van den Berg Service Bureau also offers its customers to process payments within the framework of TARGET2.

Overview of the Services by van den Berg Service Bureau:

  • Provides the necessary infrastructure on an ad hoc basis
  • Creates the optimal line connection with hardware encryption in the shortest possible time
  • Necessary single connection to connect with business partners
  • Execution of the necessary administration
  • Guarantees the necessary maintenance
  • Offers SLA-compliant support
  • Provides a highly secure IT landscape with certification according to IDW PS951 Type 2
  • Supported by many years of know-how and competence
  • Replaces personnel investments in your company
  • significantly reduces your Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)
Point of Contact
Ralf Sistemich

Ralf Sistemich

Head of Service Bureau


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